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International Antenna Company (IAC) is a name synonymous with high quality Double Bazookas, Slopers, Shorty's, Inverted L's, Phased Arrays and Dual Band antenna designs that work!

IAC is a Christian based company that has been designing and manufacturing high quality, superior performance HF amateur radio antennas for over 25 years . The highest quality materials are selected to withstand the rigors of worldwide climate conditions from hurricane salt driven winds to extreme ice loading. Quality is never sacrificed in exchange for a good price.

Initially in the amateur radio world, the Double Bazooka antenna did not gain widespread use because of difficulties encountered with construction. Rarely could an amateur build a Double Bazooka that would withstand the harsh wind and ice loading that are often encountered in environments during each year. 

That all changed in 1992 when IAC began producing antennas utilizing Mil-Spec materials and workmanship to ensure products of the highest quality and functionality —then and today.

Now, Amateur Radio and MARS operators around the world are using these versions of the IAC Double Bazooka:
Our popular 80m and 160m Inverted-L Bazooka Antennas are now available in a "shortened" version for space-restricted locations, while our flagship Standard Double Bazooka is now packaged as part of a Phased Array System for 80 and 40 meters.

IAC is also excited to introduce our newest product, the Dual Band Bazooka line of antennas!

The Dual Band Bazooka is a full size version that combines the features of our standard and top-selling Double Bazooka antenna. This unique design provides superior performance without the use of traps to achieve optimum operation on two bands!

As we now celebrate over 25 years of service, we want the ham radio community to know that we sincerely appreciate your support and remain committed to managing our business for continued growth by investing in new technologies and maintaining competitive leadership in our markets while continuing to stand behind our products just as we always have!

IAC Antennas featured on Ham Nation!

IAC Antennas worked with Bob Heil, K9EID, to help him set up an IAC Phased Array at his new QTH. Bob is the host of the popular Ham Radio broadcast, Ham Nation as seen on Twit TV and has featured and demonstrated this phased array system on two separate episodes. He has also featured our Standard Double Bazooka antenna in an episode. The links below will open a new tab/window.

• Phased Array 1: Episode 63 (at 03:30) — Click Here
• Phased Array 2: Episode 65 (at 03:30) — Click Here
• Standard Double Bazooka: Episode 266 (at 31:30) — Click Here

In 2013 Rob Wagner, VK3BVW of Melbourne Australia posted a thorough video review of our Double Bazooka. To date, the video has been viewed over 70,000 times! You can learn more about Rob at his website, the Mount Evelyn DX Report. Click below to play.

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160 Meter Shortened Inverted-L Bazooka Antenna
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20m Standard Double-Bazooka Antenna
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80 Meter Shortened Inverted-L Bazooka Antenna
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