• Phased Array Double-Bazooka System

In 1997 IAC took the proven performance of our Standard Double Bazooka antenna and created a two-element switchable phased array system for improved performance equal to a wide spaced two-element beam. The IAC switchable Phased Array typically provides forward gain of 4.5 dBd and a front to back between 10-20 dB.  Over the past 20 years IAC has sold these systems to contest stations and individual operators.

IAC worked with Bob Heil, K9EID, to help him set up 2 IAC Phased Arrays, one for 40 meters and one for 80 meters at his new QTH. Bob is the host of the popular ham radio internet show called Ham Nation on the TWIX network, and has done two episodes on his phased arrays and even demonstrates the system. Links to these episodes can be found in the information section under Reviews & Testimonials.
Today IAC only offers the matched Standard Double Bazooka antennas to create your phased array system and will provide communication/customer support as needed.

Phased Arrays systems are available from IAC for either the 160, 80, 40, 20 or 17 meter bands.

Please Note: A phased array is a single band antenna system only.

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to view/download installation diagram (PDF) for configuration information.

IAC Provides:
• A matched set of Standard Double-Bazooka Antennas.

Additional Required Components & Suggested Sources:

• Two Feed Lines RG-213 Coax - Cable Experts Inc.
• One Phasing Line RG-213 Coax – Cable Experts Inc.
• Remote Switch Box - Ameritron RCS-8V (from most Ham Radio retailers)
• Two (2) Tee Connectors – Any Supplier