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About IAC

International Antenna Corporation (IAC) was started in Orlando FL in 1992 to provide amateur operators with high quality efficient HF wire antennas. The original product was the Double Bazooka originally invented by MIT in the 1940's for military radar applications.

The antenna never gained widespread use in the amateur world because of difficulties in construction. Rarely could an amateur build a Double Bazooka that could and would withstand the harsh wind and ice loading that we encounter in our everyday environments.

IAC was started by three individuals, two of which worked in the aerospace industry. Since they both liked the performance of the Double Bazooka, they decided to create an antenna that would withstand the environments.

They used aerospace design techniques, Mil Spec materials and workmanship in the design of the Double Bazooka line of antennas. These antennas were designed to withstand worldwide climate conditions to include extreme UV sun loading, hurricane salt driven winds to extreme ice loading. IAC does not believe in sacrificing quality in exchange for a good price.

IAC has been designing variations of the Double Bazooka to include Half Slopers, Inverted L, Shorty, Phased Array and Flag Pole Stealth antennas all with the same high quality as the flagship antenna the Double Bazooka. Most of these antennas were invented in the Orlando facility and tested on the IAC antenna range for optimum performance.

The most important part of our business is customer service. We stand behind our products and provide technical service and support before and long after the product is sold.

In 2006, IAC relocated to Pennsylvania, but still offering the same high quality Double Bazooka line of HF antennas for the radio amateur. We are committed to managing our business for long-term growth, investing in new technologies and maintaining competitive leadership in our markets, in addition to standing behind our products.